PCH Scammers

Scam Number: 845-243-5421
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam: Cold call from PCH on my burner. Same old same old. They just don’t understand Texas at all and how large we are. Or that you can have a PO Box and a ranch address. Evil and stupid.

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845-243-5421 Todd Sloan VM Tuesday 1-3-23 3:47PM EST

Said his name was Clyde. He even sent me “the documentation” I wasted over 22 minutes of his time. Over $28,000 fee for all the money you supposedly “win.”

anyone know any codes I can use for this?

631-898-5238 John Zimmerman? Tuesday 1-3-23 3:56PM EST

8452435421 PCH Howie Guja

Voicemail still active and giggle worthy