PCH scammer

Scam Number: 719-435-4398
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam: Angry fella

“you’ve made too many calls in a short amount of time, please try again later.”#

Although it’s my first call…

Yeah it’s the scammers number, I believe it means he was flooded or ran out of credits.

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It means his number has had more than 4 calls in 60 seconds
TextNow numbers have restrictions for inbound and outbound calls

That’s something I didn’t know, thanks for telling me! How come they have the restrictions in place?

because they’re useless and free
If they didn’t, every robocalling fuckwit would have hundreds/thousands of them making tens of thousands of free robocalls

It’s when a lot of people call the Textnow # it plays that message for all…

I called the number. “please try again later”… After a few minutes I got a call back from him… Same number.

I was asked a few questions about the price, if I know what I won, when I want to have it… It’s 12 million dollar and a brand new car.

I can have it tomorrow. He asked if I’m a US citizen. He asked for my email address. I sent it via text message to his other number: 202 852 3447

He called again from the original number, asking if that is my email address… He will send information about my price to that email address.

Let’s see what’s coming…

Basically a fake document that says you won, also how you have to pay the processing fee. Typically says 2nd place winner. Is used to prove this scam is legitimate and it works, if the victim doesn’t have email they will even send it through the post as theirs services for that.