PCH scam (503) 783-4852

Scam Number: (503) 783-4852
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Additional information about this scam: Hello, John. Yeah, a pleasant good day. How are you doing today, sir? This is Mister James Carter speaking. And this call is in regards to a certified cashless check. You have one yourself here. Sir, can you hear me? Pardon? Could you. We want to have this check delivered to use her at your current address. And this cash prizes consist of a whopping $10.5 million. Was this your first time getting a phone call notifying you about this grand prize, mister? John. Ms. John. / 503-783-4852 | 15037834852 - Phone Scam Alert! - Nomorobo

503 783 4852 james carter in ole vegas is not very excited about giving out my 10.5 million and is not very good scammer today and this stale idiot everyone talks to or has had to listen to his fraud recording does not like to be harassed , I always do my part forcing scam down these clowns throats, who are you not too especially in these time of corruption.