PCH scam ‪(281) 868-2918‬

Scam Number: ‪(281) 868-2918‬
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam: PCH scammer John Rosegold


281 868 2918 was able to get the P ublic CHod to pick up after leaving message “that you are to pickup play scam when I want to play scam” but now the scamchod blocked me and is refusing to let me harass them they should knot be allowed to block me.

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Name is John Rosegold
Works American Sweepstakes company
Does not like to be called a Rasclot, or bomboclot

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John on the line very tricky scammer likes to spoof…

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He is not answering now unfortunately =, but i’m filling up his voicemail.


still active ‪(281) 868-2918‬