PCH (954) 683-7739 Publishers Clearing House

Scam Number: (954) 683-7739
Domain Used:
Extra Info: Cell Phone
Robocall 954-683-7739 | 19546837739 - Robocaller Warning! - Nomorobo

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Answers right away.
Lately its been they want vanilla cards … I like getting the juicy stuff like bank accts and moNey mule names and ALL thier info😀… Red flag thier bank acct … most you can do now…is lead them on for hours
. sure missing those days of SSA😣


Keep him nice and busy!!!

True true :smiley:

Hey sandbar name attached
[Ana Mendez
Sunrise, FL


40… for this 945#


Yeah, not answering anymore and VM is not set up. Sounds really legit.

Is ana a mule??

I got 5 Zelle accounts in the last two days and reported them.


“Carl Stevens” just called me out of the blue. Usual claim, $2.5 mil PCH.

Wants me to wait 10 minutes… I think so while he sets up a fake “Federal Reserve Escrow Services” 800 number at kall8.com so I can “verify” my prize. Sure enough, he had my fake name and account number set all set up.

Time to call him back and ask for Ana Mendez.

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Still actively scamming!!!

Damn got VM he may call back gonna check this number out if i haven’t already

Yup i did same name

im setting up my vm rn

These guys don’t remote so you wont need to worry about a VM for this one.

Sure enough, this clown has a Voice Response System all set up behind his kall8 number (800-683-4707). It prompts you for an account + PIN, which he configures with your name.

He then tells you to call to “confirm” that, in fact, you have the balance waiting for you (as if the Federal Reserve has anything to do with a Publisher’s Clearing House prize… but ok.)

After that, he has a loud, ill-mannered woman call you to set up the transfer. And, surprise! She requires you to FedEx a check for roughly $2500 to another woman (cough money mule cough) in Rock Hill, SC.

These two are pretty stupid and easy to troll. I had fun wasting their time, making them think they got some sucker money, and then yanking the rug hard. :rofl:


Mind adding me on Discord, i’d love that money mule info ReconScammers#9478 would be good to get it reported to the people I work with who deal with PCH scammers. Thank you.


Yes, please report that info it to ReconScammers!

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Name attached MENDEZ

Hey @ReconScammers, I’ve already spoken with a detective in Rock Hill, SC. He said he’d do a “knock and talk” with her.

I believe most money mules are recruited into a network, are lied to about the source of the money and have little to no idea what they’re mixed up in. They probably just agree to take payments through their bank accounts for a percentage, see it as easy money and don’t ask questions. So I’m not sure what more can be done for this one.

Meantime, I’m in touch with RingSquared / kall8 to get that 800 number shut down.

Have a mule address that I can give to someone to report from a David Sauyers PCH scammer I have on the phone, expecting a $35000 dollar package but i think years eve fedex hours will cause some delays.

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