PCH - (202) 602-9611 (T-Mobile number, not spoofed)

Numlookup lists the owner as Uvitalinda Hernandez. the phone number has a Washington, DC area code.

“Full day. It’s my pleasure to talk to you. This is the American Cash Awards. This call is to notify you about your winnings here at our company. You were randomly as a grand prize winner in this month’s raffle. Please return our call immediately after receiving this notification. Our Claims Department please be advised that the processing fee is to be paid via wire transfer or gift cards. This in order to get yourself legal registered as a first time millionaire in your city state. For payment instruction and information, immediately contact us at 202-602-9611 for the claiming and handling of your check. More information will be provided once you get in contact with us. And thanks for making it. American Cashwards and member only do business with the real company. We are the most credible and trusted sweepstakes company in the USA and we will deliver your prize on time and safely. All fees paid will be reimbursed at the end of the process. So please feel free to make the payment with confidence and security that nothing can go wrong and you will not lose any money. Federal Trades Commission rules forbid us from scamming anyone. Please only do business with this company. Call 202-602-9611 again. That’s 202-60-2961 one’s.”