PC Tech Scam


LOL, I just scambaited them for 30 minutes… mad as hell!

I had them on the phone for 30 mins too xD these guys no longer run the tree command… they download some utility showing fake errors. His reaction to my 4k display was priceless… he couldn’t figure out why everything was so small LMFAO

@Forsaken#371 Can you send me their fake program?

Didn’t work for me via Skype. Call just fails

specify that skype is blocked

@thunder#373 sorry, I didn’t bother saving it… it was downloaded to my .temp files anyway

I think we’ve blown these guys up too much, they ask you to verify the number that you’ve called on and they also ask you for your credit card details before they even remotely connect to your PC…

@MTS11648#437 Yeah, happens a lot. When it does I play this on them: first I tell them I’m calling from a reference of a co worker who suspected I “might” have a hardware issue. So I can dig at least 10-15 minutes out of them trying to convince them to connect first, make sure it isn’t hardware, and then I’ll pay. I also ask them: would you prepay taking a car that was acting up to a mechanic?