PC Protection Help LLP: Fake virus popup scammers

PC Protection Help LLP are based in Jaipur, India. This is their address:

66/114, Pratap Nagar, Sanganer, Sector 11, Pratap Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302033, India

They are also known as Compiko.online, estudiosos.online and StudioSOSOnline.com
They have stolen over $100,000 from victims in the USA and Canada in the last 6 months.
The direct phone number that they give to victims is 1-888-507-0207. Everyone's customer ID is 12157E4

They use the following URL to seed with advertising servers. This will redirect to their latest popup which is hosted on Amazon's S3 servers:

And example of one of their recent popups:

There are 4 individuals who operate in Jaipur:
Steve = Nishant (Nishu) Jain - this is the boss in India
Paul = Anish Patni
Sam = Sunil Shahi [See https://facebook.com/SunilShashiAnna/ ]
Rick = Vineet Jain

Their fake company is called "COMPIKO" and has the following website: https://compiko.online
Their claimed address is:
295 Mt Vernon St, Dedham, MA 02026

This address is the home address of the US owner of Compiko, one Richard Padula
Richard pays for the phone services of Compiko. This is the Vonage Business receipt for their phone calls:

Their payment gateways are as follows:

PayPal: [email protected]

EDEBIT: https://prod.edebitdirect.com/app/payment/ee2a25fe86ec4205b28daf2a420fea5b/ “Studio SOS LLC”

Bookfrontworld: https://www.bookfrontworld.com/payment-authorisation-form/

EStudio SOS: http://estudiosos.online/?product=software-support-mega & https://estudiosos.online/?page_id=2

Their activities are documented in a YouTube video here: https://youtu.be/OkCjz7gdePw [Live at 7pm GMT on 22/02/2021]

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Very good, glad to see some more popup scammers get exposed. Can’t wait for the video!

Hey Jim, great work, I’ve already reported https://compiko.online/ and estudiosos.online to their domain host (hostinger) citing this post, but studiososonline.com appears to redirect to malicious sites/malvertising so not much I can do about that except report to google safe browsing and netcraft (already done).

Keep up the amazing work exposing these idiots!!!

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@Zachinquarantine_#179163 Great stuff. Thanks for reporting them.

@Zachinquarantine_#179163 Update: the malvertising site redirects me to (hxxps://irc.lovegreenpencils.ga/) which I assume is another malvertising site, and so on.

Richard Padula’s Facebook page: Richard Padula

![image richardpadulasmallpng.png](https://tlscommunity.com/assets/2021-02-22/15:25:080-richardpadulasmallpng.png)

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Oh My God.

His Profile Says he is a politician of the Ruling Party.

Nasty Political Connections.

You're Doing Great Job. Jim

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Great work Jim, another thing:

`(888) 507-0207` is provided by Real Time Cloud Services, LLC (https://www.myrealdata.com/)
Provider seems to be supporting scams and has a complaint on this: https://www.bbb.org/us/ny/new-york/profile/web-hosting/real-time-cloud-services-llc-0121-140231/complaints#0

Report the number to them, but wouldn't expect action. I may do a writeup on Real Time Cloud Services at a later date, if I find more claims against them - Scammers will leverage this company, lets not allow that.

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Update: https://compiko.online/ is offline :slight_smile:

Nishant Jain / Nishu Saklecha from Agra Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/nishant51182

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Vineet Jain’s fb profile: Vineet Jain

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@Vinsmoke2#179222 That’s why the Indian cops are not responding to Jim’s messages.

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fb profile of wife of Nishan Jain, Aishwarya Saklecha from Bilaspur, UP Redirecting...

fb profile of wife of Vineet Jain, Chanchal Bhadouria Jain: Chanchal Bhadouria Jain | Facebook

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As an update, the site has been taken down and it says its 503 Service unavailable

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Richard does have another website that he runs his scam from


Great domain

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Owner Richard Padula’s LinkedIn profile


Listed on the page:
Chief Executive Officer at fix69.com

Screenshots of the site Fix69.com:

Phone numbers listed:
1-844-908-0404 - no longer in service
1-800-491-3022 - "the user you are trying to reach is unavailable"

Head office address:
295 Mt. Vernon St. Dedham
Massachusetts 02026

Social medias listed onsite:

Bit.ly shortcut linked on their Instagram linking to Fix69:

Social media post dates (when Fix69 was functioning):
Facebook - Joined August 30, 2019, latest post Feb 4, 2020
Twitter - Joined August 2019, latest post Feb 4, 2020
Instagram - First post September 5, 2019, latest post Feb 4, 2020

The website Fix69 has no current working phone numbers, making it defunct. That being said, I'm sure it was used to scam at one time. It lists the home address of Richard Padula as well as the LinkedIn I originally found. Hopefully Richard and his employees are brought to justice.

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All other social medias I could find:


Fix69 (fix69online) - Profile | Pinterest

• Fix69 • Dedham • Massachusetts •

Important to note that their Starthub lists the company as founded in 2019. It dumbfounds me that Richard lists his real name and address in all this info. He doesn't even try to hide the fact that he owns these obvious scam operations. What an idiot.

Thank you Jim.

My March 2020 records show Paypal account [email protected] (Aishwarya Jain)

Possibly related to TechliveConnect (Premium Techie Support) of Gurgaon

Seems connected to fix69.com summittechnology.us rapidconcepttech.com


Rich Padula | Curtis Knight

Richard apparently works as a Wedding DJ for Curtis Knight Entertainment. I wonder if they know that he's scamming people as a side hustle.