Paypay email scam 833 395 8783

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I have to head back to work. I hope you guys can use this. I found it in my email a few minutes ago.

Hey, my friend! Thank you for subscribing to my channel. New song coming out this week!

You are welome. I hope to watch it.

Scammer from Pune city (pronounce PooNay) near Mumbai.
He claims to be Filipino but speaks no Tagalog.
I sing to him
I sing a song


Fed this dumbass every lie I could think of…he told me he was having “the bank” call me…his buddy called me from a spoofed number because I claimed I had a bank account with Chase.

Had the guy thinking I was at a CVS getting ready to buy two $500 Target gift cards…until I told him I knew he was a scammer the whole time, then suggested a vulgar activity he could perform with his sister and mother

Wasted 30 minutes of their time

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