Paypal scammer 850-821-0016

Scam Number: 8508210016
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam: Active 10am EST


850-821-0016 Michael Thursday 3-9-23 5:24PM EST

Bad English scammer. He sounds like an amateur scam artist.

Request to install anydesk on my iPhone. gave him some fake number.

I had to confront him, why he is doing such scam job.

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i called and mentioned potato he said I know you stop calling we can’t help people.


8508210016 Active now, Thank you for calling customer suppoat this side david parker

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850-821-0016 Alexander Smith Tuesday 3-14-23 9:59AM EST

Callback 408-477-8705 Fake Jerry William
Watch real victim getting scammed

Location: Jamshedpur in Jharkhand state India. This town has the biggest steel mills in India.