PayPal scam

Scam Number: ‪(240) 433-7778‬
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam: PayPal scam

Active they want your first and last name and zip. I am getting back $599.00 then we got as far as what internet browser do i use and then he swore at me and hung up.

Got VM

Yes if u want to hop on the discord with us

still active as of 1-23-23 / 9:00am est

What are they looking for when we call?

“someone from Dayton, Ohio purchased a Google pixel smartphone worth $599.00 on my account”,just give any last four digits of an invoice number.i gave them 7434

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call back number: (206) 426-8273‬

Thank you… I was able to get the guy online to play with me for a bit. Heavy Gujarat / Mumbai accent.

wanted me to use Anydesk and he hangs up. Never picks up my call.