Paypal Scam - Possible New Attack Vector

Scam Number: 1 (888) 278-5035
Domain Used: Paypal
Extra Info: This email came in from the real showing that there is an unpaid invoice. They were able to use the domain, but in the comments or notes section of the email, added a support phone number, above.

The guy “claimed” that he hacked paypal. In reality, I think they opened up a Paypal account and sent out these invoices as if they were a real business.

I’m intentionally not including the URL as it contains the real email address of who the invoice was sent to.


They use VPN. Anydesk ID 494169410

Same PayPal scammers want $60,000 wired to Hong Kong.

See this excellent video:

Could this possibly be email spoofing?

Disconnected on TEXTNOW

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No, definitely not an email spoof. The link takes you to the real PayPal dot com, as they’re using their invoice system as a ‘legitimate’ business. What concerns me is the ‘sender’s email’ is an email address within the invoice itself. Why Paypal isnt blocking that, I’m not sure.

In short, the scam is like this…the scammers register a business account with Paypal. They send invoices through the Paypal system to the victims. They custom tailor the invoice to look real, but include the phone number, too.

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