Paypal Scam at (803) 258-0141

Scammer’s Number: (803) 258-0141

Paypal scammers sent me an email to my personal email address this morning. Here is the email:

Subject: Your Purchase Id #9225837SJ8158327##

Your order worth 669.99 USD has been accepted by Target Inc

We are happy to inform you about your recent purchase of an “Apple iPhone XR” on June 08, 2021.
You might see the charges on your bank statement within 24 to 48 hours.
We’re preparing your order and it will be shipped by June 09, 2021 through standard delivery.
In case, you have any queries related to this purchase, please feel free to connect with our team at +1 (803) 258-0141.

Product Description: Apple iPhone XR 64GB
Payment Method: PayPal Pro Credit Services Product Amount: 669.99 USD
Number of Units:** **02

This purchase has been made far from your usual location (may not match your exact location) please ignore if this was you
If you believe there is an error in this transaction, kindly get in touch with our team member at +1 (803) 258-0141.

Please be noted that the deducted amount will be reversed to your original source of payment directly, in case you void this transaction within 24 hours.

Regards ,

PayPal Customer Care Team

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Called them just now.
They changed their customer service from paypal to norton security.

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Picked up as PayPal; they wanted to see a copy of the email FYI if you decide to call these scammers

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ALLEN!!! Wow, have not seen you in awhile!

Picked up as Paypal for me and called me back on 408-708-0210

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Hi JusticeInTexas! I have been on my YouTube channel making videos of my calls and listening to other YouTubers videos. It is nice to hear from you. I need to get on here more often.

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seems they are still up


Cool. Send me a link. Here is mine.

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Hi JusticeinTexas, The link to your YouTube channel goes to “Princess Pi Plays Bass”. Is that you playing the bass guitar?

My YT channel name is “The Alan Green Project”. My latest video is a call with this Paypal number. I would send you a link, but when I post with YT links, it says that I am not allowed to post links to that web address.


Yes, that is me, my friend! I have been playing a long time. Professionally for quite a while. Listen to them all! I am posting a new one this week. Please like, comment and subscribe! Send the link to [email protected].

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Called me back from this number (505) 445-5172‬

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Currently the scammer is traveling in commuter train

Two Iphones for 669 each out of my Paypal account. I said I only have 100 dollars in there so how did you pay it out of my account? He said somebody added money. I said so somebody else paid for it? No you did. So I put money in? Yes. So how did I do that? From your bank account. So I am missing all that money from my bank account? Yes. Well my bank says different. So did you order these phones? NOT A MENSA CANDIDATE.

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there so rude

Rude and stupid, too.

Fake Mac Wilson
Location Kolkata
Call back 850-604-0092

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