PayPal scam 888-523-5033

Scam Number: 888-523-5033
Scammer’s Website or Email: [email protected]
Additional information about this scam:

There are so many things wrong with this email:
Number 1. PayPal says that all emails are addressed to your full name.
Number 2. The phone number is listed in a weird format (too many spaces).
Number 3. The PayPal logo is old.
Number 4. PayPal does not own or contract a company offering “support and user service.”
Number 5. “Pay-Pal E-Bill,” that’s not a PayPal service, everyone knows that.
Number 6. They would not put a photo of a WINDOWS 11 laptop in the email. Plus, in the “item” column, it clearly says, “Windows 10 laptop.”
Number 7. “Samsung-Galaxy.” Why add a hyphen? It’s Samsung Galaxy.
Number 8. “quantity” is written with a lowercase q.
Number 9. PayPal says to report all phishing. This one doesn’t.
Number 10. All PayPal emails have a light brown background and white center.
Number 11. PayPal doesn’t say “Thanks & Regards” in their emails.
These are just some of the things wrong with this email.

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