PayPal Scam - 888 520 0266

Scam Number: 888 520 0266
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam: Wow, these guys just keep bending over and taking it! Phony Symantic charge of $480.90 to PayPal, but not important. Ask for Jenny - she’s triggered-happy, haha. Cool thing is, they keep answering on their expensive toll-free line!

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Today, 23-Jan-2023, Monday, I received a text msg on my TextNow number that is the same as this thread that you posted. I am in the U.S.A. I received the text msg at 9:38 AM Central but only now have I gotten into my TextNow to read it.

The text msg came from +52 775 217 1259. This number is not in the format of American phone numbers obviously.

Here is the text msg:
PayPal - Your order for the payment of $480.90 to Symantec LLC is in process. If you did not make this purchase, contact us at +1 888 520 0266.

I am going to give 'em a call now for the first time. I wanted to check first to see if a thread exists for this scam number before I created a new thread.

I’ve been busting these guys’ balls all morning. They were slinging death threats at Daytona USA.

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I’m getting the message machine of +1 888 520 0266 the first few times I have called. I’ll try again soon or maybe I’ll get a callback.

They might be getting a little gun shy at this point…