PayPal scam (847) 423-8632 "invoice"

Scam Number: PayPal scam (847) 423-8632 “invoice”
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam: Found on numberguru with a note “Received an email from Caleb Eddington advising he was going to charge me via PayPal for 510.11 for two years of Mcfee protrction for three devices for two years. I have not used McAfee since 2000. Telephone number comes back to MciMetro Sccess transmission Services LLC in Skokie, Illinois. I have never purchased services from this company.”

Amount 510.11 no inovice ID was requestred. Answering as of 6PM EST

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847-423-8632 David Monday 5-13-24 5:58PM EST


847-423-8632 Still Active Shane Tuesday 5-14-24 2:06PM EST