PayPal Scam +1 (888) 976-0798

Scam Number: +1-888-976-0798 [and Callback Numbers (669) 399-1822 AND (669) 271-3139]
Domain Used:
Extra Info:

+1 ‪(978) 942-8375‬ sent me a text msg today at 1:55 PM Central in USA. I just called it back but it went to voicemail.

Here is the text msg:

#Pay=pal":- You have sent a payment to ketharine julius of $288.56 USD. To STOP this Transaction Please Contact us +1-888-976-0798 approve reply (YES).Thank You

I just called from my TextNow the +1 (888) 976-0798. Mark answered as PayPal. I said, “Hello Sir, I received a text msg from PayPal.” He hung up OR maybe the call disconnected.

From +1 (669) 399-1822 I got a Callback from Alex Morgan at PayPal. I said, “Thanks for calling, Alex. Are you at the same place as the 1-888-976-0798 number?” He said, “Yes, he is calling me back.” I told him I did not make the $288.56 PayPal payment in the text msg I received. He asked me my name and email address, so I gave fake David Bausch and [email protected]. He said he sees the $288.56 payment AS WELL AS TWO OTHER PayPal payments made today. No Alex, I did not make any PayPal payments today. He said he sees that there were log ins today from Texas, Ohio, and California. No Mr. Morgan, I did not login today to my PayPal account. He had me go to

EDIT: Just now I got ANOTHER CALLBACK from PayPal from (669) 271-3139.


Oh yeah Hvie, this guy wants your phone connecting to “their server” right away. No warming up at all, just right to the remote. Gonna make his evening miserable, lol.


Vulgar Punjabi scammers in New Delhi


Fake “Alex Morgan” calls me as Amazon security

(888) 976-0798 Rings once then drops

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Alex Morgan called me from spoofed number.

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