PayPal Scam +1 (808) 720-4770

Scam Number: +1 (808) 720-4770

Invoice No. 728372-3023/CD1

You sent a payment of 1900.00 USD to Denver Crafted Accessories.
You’ve received an invoice. This charge will appear on your bank statement as payment sent to PayPal* Denver Crafted Accessories.

Merchant : PayPal
Order : G232961-365
Order Status : Confirmed

Summary of this invoice:-
Sent to : Denver Crafted Accessories
Invoice No. : 734372-3089/CD1
Amount : $1900.00
Date : February 13, 2023

Invoice No. 7734372-3089/CD1
Keep this receipt number handy for reference in case you call our customer care for further enquiry. You have 24 hours to file any dispute regarding this transaction.

This is a system generated email, for any concern please reach out to PayPal service team at +1 (808) 720-4770.

For Assistance CallPayPal Inc. +1 (808) 720-4770


Dumbest idiots ever.


With a veritable wealth of stupidity to choose from as competition for the stupid Olympics! :joy::joy:

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Got Jamie Sanders (dumbest person ever) online. Working on to cancel this transaction.

Google Chrome -

VirusTotal has 6 security vendors flagged this URL as malicious

looks like a big call center!

Bastards… they blocked my number :smiley: