Paypal Scam 1 (800) 514 6401 or +1 (209) 429 5110

This is a live number as of the time I post this. I started off with them on a Chromebook knowing they wouldn’t be able to do anything, then wasted their time while I got my Windows laptop from the “attic”, then took another 5 minutes or so loading Windows 11 into my VM (always these updates slow things down, don’ cha know…) then watching them go through the usual routine of refund form etc. Obviously my fake bank would not accept a transfer and I broke for lunch (OK sir, just leave you computer on… - I disconnected pretending not to hear) then called them back for more fun. etc. etc. Give them a call. I posted a link to the recording below. Notice the name I use is Ulysses S Grant in Galena IL. They never get it.

Email text:

Thanks for your order. Your recent order has been accepted by Springfield armory incorporation, The invoice amount will be debited on your authorized account within 24hours
Your Order Details:
Transaction No - Ref-889-29117 Product SID - 6461734-25-Auto-SX1325 Invoice grand total - $970.99 USD
Need help with this order ? Call us on +1 (800) 514 6401 or +1 (209) 429 5110
please contact the retail distribution helpline, to know more about your product delivery, Shipment delivery expand within 24 hours
Transaction Id : B-1GE97865498287WX
if you have not done this transaction please call us our helpline number +1(800)514 6401 or +1 (209) 429 5110


3:47 pm central now … I called 800 514 6401 and I am speaking to “Jason” … I explained about the email I received using of course the post in this thread created by @ecw06471 and gave him from the email pasted into this thread the Transaction No Ref 889-29117 and the grand total $970.99. It was hard to hear him when he was speaking because I could hear at least one other scammer speaking in the background. He said to wait and he put me on hold for a couple of minutes.

@ecw06471, he came back onto the phone call and told me to write down the Cancellation ID CAM2688118, and I told him that I have written it down.
He said, “Okay, your order has been cancelled.”
I asked, “I do not need to do anything else? Don’t you need my name? My name is Robert E Lee.” He said, "No, your order has been cancelled.
I said, “You must be tired of having your time wasted on virtual machines, huh benchod?”
He said in a demoralized tone of voice, “Yes. I am tired of it.”

He did not say anything about my name Robert E Lee just like he did not seem to recognize your name Ulysses S Grant, @ecw06471


In hindsight, I was using my Unknown Number VOIP phone that shows “Unknown Number” and not my real home landline VOIP phone number. I should have used my TextNow number, for maybe he was suspicious of the “Unknown Number” on his Caller ID.

Damn, he did not even try to scam me! I am indignant! Haha

At 4:01 pm central, I called from my TextNow number this time the 800 514 6401, but it rang a half of a ring and the call ended/dropped.

Immediately I from my TextNow number called for the first time the 209 429 5110 but I got the message machine.

You must have demoralized the hell out of 'em, @ecw06471 !!! :smiley:

Im gonna be James A. Garfield.

Still up and running lol. Called him and wasted 10 min of time. He hung up on me after 5 minutes of pretending to not know how to type in the seach bar. before that i hung up on him and he called me back on this number
‪(779) 261-0341

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Haha, @thateen ! We can use various names of Americans from the 1800s!

4:59 pm central … I called 779 261 0341 and I am speaking to Jack … He answered only with a meager “Hello” and I asked him his name. He pronounced his name like Jock. … 5:14 pm central and still on phone with Jack.

Thanks for the MS link EW. :+1: :wave:

EDIT: Eric, (our should I say Ulysess lol) how are you liking Win 11?

I have a beta version of Win 11 that I loaded into my VM and haven’t played with it too much. So far most of the changes seem to be cosmetic. An interesting follow-up to my post above. They called me back this morning seeking more banking details since obviously they couldn’t even pretend to make a deposit to a fake banlk. So just to drive a bit insane, I told them when I checked my account this morning I had, indeed, received the $970.99 and thank you very much. He flustered around saying his system showed it as declined on both the bank account and fake CC I had given them. Obviously, there was nothing he could say or do at that point so he hung up. :slight_smile:

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