Paypal refund (888) 978-9053

Scam Number: (888) 978-9053
Scammer’s Website or Email: [email protected]
Additional information about this scam: Answering at this time


English Punjabi chat. Need blocking cards


My dickhead sent me a PW recovery code text. Wish I got the blocking card girl Doc, I could’ve played it out much longer.


Usual foul mouthed pigs and lowlifes. They cannot seem to help themselves when they hear my voice.


You need to sic Richard on them MJ!

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Pretty proud of this one, expected it to be the usual fifteen minutes of screwing around and not letting them connect to my computer. One of the first thing they said to do was shut down the computer and turn off the router to stop the hackers.

Turned into three hours, most of which was standing in a parking lot while they presumably worked out what to do next. Ended when I was giving fake Target codes and unfortunately once they FINALLY realised they just hung up instead of getting angry.

I spoke to Stacey and Peter, I didn’t get the name of the manager at the end.