PayPal refund 888 226 9882

Scam Number: 888 226 9882
Scammer’s Website or Email: SMS
Additional information about this scam: Receipt: We have charged you USD 900.00 for Coin Commerce Transfer. Need help with order, call us at +1 888 226 9882.
Invoice ID: H6219986


Screen Connect
Jimmy Anderson an Jennifer
Stream PayPal scam 524 by Nigella Blum | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

888-226-9882 Sam Wednesday 5-24-23 1:32PM EST

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Scammer calls me whore from Lahore, Pakistan

Almost 4 minute open line recording as I busted through their defenses (for the 9th call centre today)

they were audibly scamming a victim which I couldn’t do anything to save them unfortunately :worried:

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Hindi: Looks like he uses BTC
Hacker, it seems (one guy says)
Screen Connect server in Panama IP