PayPal Invoice Email (888) 972-0461

Scam Number: (888) 972-0461, 803 336-3077
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam: These guys are stupid and clumsy but they do keep yapping. Go get 'em!

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good number just finished beating the hell out of Eric.

Yeah, this one’s a lot of fun. Ask for Alex Ross - he’s the real idiot, haha.

I didn’t talk to anyone but i managed to call em 135 times with 10 to 20 simultaneous calls , most of em was ending up in VM so each call lasted for 6 minutes and that equals 810 minutes or 13.5 hours worth of call time … Not sure how much they pay pr minute but at least i kept a few of their lines busy :slight_smile:

They probably turned off the number - I called them at least 100x so they must be sick of it by now…

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