PayPal Imposters (877) 823-7110

Scam Number: (877) 823-7110
Domain Used:
Extra Info: PayPal imposters

I heard “Be careful. Indian scammers. Indian scammers” and then it went to voicemail. Looks like someone already took this one down.

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A good Samaritan hacked the VM

Welcome to the community, @Sievert! Yes, like the great baiter @drwat wrote, someone hacked into their voicemail and changed their voicemail greeting! :stuck_out_tongue:

It is 10:52 am Central in USA now. I just called now the (877) 823-7110. It says to enter a PIN NUMBER. I guessed a few times but my guesses at the PIN NUMBER were not correct and the automated voice said the number is unreachable. So today there is no “BE CAREFUL, INDIAN SCAMMERS” when I called.