PayPal 'Dear Custome' guys. 864-374-2556 / 877-202-1966

Scam Number: 864-374-2556 / 877-202-1966
Newer Numbers Below
Additional information about this scam: Give them hell!

I just received this from the Custome Guy’s.


864-374-2556 Robert Brown Tuesday 5-14-24 12:18PM EST


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We need a dedicated place for the ‘Dear Custome’ scammers. They seem to be a very large and organized group of scammers.

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New Phone Number: 802-822-0359.

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New Number: 802-822-0359.

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Yes, I received this after when I finally got out of traffic. I wasn’t sure what to do as it is the ‘dear custome guys’. When the 2 calls came in I was in construction traffic. I have been trying to consolidate these guys as they come in. I will remove from here if you want and move it to yours.

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Kolkata Chodes!
Aka Bruce trying hard to scam me:)
IP Details.

Country India
Region West Bengal
City Kolkata
ZIP 700034
Timezone Asia/Kolkata
Internet Service Provider (ISP) RELIANCEJIO
Organization Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited
AS number and name AS55836 Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited

Owner Country: India
Owner Phone: +91-44770000, +919867564147, +912279670000
Owner Website:
Owner CIDR:

Aka Bruce’s callback number

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I called and he wanted to know how I got his number and cursed. I told him that it was written on a Kolkata wall in human feces, so I called him to clean it up.


Still picking up 5:54pm ET

That is F’ing classic funny Cat!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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