PayPal / 845-875-4219

Scam Number: 845-875-4219
Scammer’s Website or Email: (Ashika Patel).
[email protected]
Additional information about this scam: Dear valued customer,

We are pleased to inform you that your recent BTC exchange transaction for $892.92 has been successfully completed. Your funds have been securely transferred to your designated account.

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team.

Thank you for choosing our services.

Best regards,

Diane Martin
Customer Support Team


845-875-4219 Kevin Thursday 7-11-24 11:24AM EST


Carrier: Level 3 via Skype
Answers as: “Customer Service for McAfee” or “PayPal Customer Suppoat”
Technician: “Mark”
Call Center Location: India :india:
Falsely claims: Information compromised by a hacker in Alabama.
Remote Access Software: ConnectWise from (Code: 12XQ49N/81VP70U, IP: :us:) or UltraViewer.

“Mark” was too impatient to provide “suppoat”


Kevin and 1 other inbred that I spoke to don’t like being called ‘Bloody C*nts’. They now think that I am English for some reason.


Want you to go to code 55nx88v. downloads screenconnect. They then remote in and put up a fake screen Software is updating screen, do not turn off your computer.

He wanted me to login to facebook but I was too slow so he kept trying to open chrome on my VM, so I started with the hindi insults.

He must get a fair number of scam baiters because he asked what my channel was.


Call and ask if this is the call center where all the men are bloody sissy c*nts like their fathers. Listen to the bedlam begin.


screen connect
Joseph william obscene

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When I called earlier it was a string of obsenities from them. I repeated back in English what I understood - which was very little.

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