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Scam Number: (808) 400-5955
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Your order was accepted and processed immediately, your order shall be dispatched within

24 hours. For any query with your order, please feel free to get in touch with us on

                                           +1(808) 400-5955.

Order Summary

Item Apple MacBook Pro 14 inch

Your order id is 57875969

Subtotal $769.99

Mode online

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808-400-5955 Dropped after three rings. Thursday 9-29-22 4:03PM EST

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Just Answered Said I spent money on a macbook and $999.99 on a Iphone 11 called me back on (669) 900-9517 said his phone disconnected by he hung up on me @Jhawk

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He gave me the same spiel @GHOSTGUY_SDS. I just played dumb for a while to string him along as I don’t have access to my VM today being on the road.

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I hear ya

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