PayPal (806) 639-8541

Scammer’s Number: (806) 639-8541
Domains Used:
Extra Info: Text to GV burner… Pay-pal has been charged $499. its not you then contact Pay-pal Support if did not authorize this transaction. Call for refund 1-806-639-8541

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(806) 639-8541 - This does not ring out for me.

Rings on both my GV & TN burners, but they aren’t picking up…4am over there so they may be snoozing.

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I am not in the USA, using voip.

5:19 pm central in U.S.A. on Monday, 20-SEP-2021, — When I called (806) 639-8541 from my TextNow number, it said that the number is not in service. When I immediately called that same phone # from my Unknown Number VOIP, it will not start ringing … No, it never rang but eventually I got those 3 tones that seems to denote that the call did not go through (not the dial tone or busy tone, but those 3 notes that seem to denote that the call would not even dial).

I did not know that you were outside of the U.S.A., @delboy_derek!

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Dark here now, going to walk the dog. :slight_smile: