Paypal 731-433-0499

Scammer’s Number:731-433-0499
Domains Used:
Extra Info: paypal wants me log in to ? 512-858-6075 to speak to Caucasian person Sam Carver

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0499 number goes to an answer service, leave a message and he will call you back.

Called back from (315) 274-1426 saying my debit card was charged. Right away asked what bank I used.

When you ring that number, you get the standard text mail subscriber message.

Answering … Trolling … says HE is paypal … connecting paypal server …open apple store app … anydesk…teamviewer

Ha ha … I told him all those servers scammers use … he hung up called back said your mother should be flogged for what u do .click😂… Called back the number is no longer in service … Ha ha

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