Payment final information 04531 508-75700

Email sender: Dieter Schwarz [email protected]
Reply to: [email protected]
Dear Email ID Owner

Federal Bureau of Investigation Headquarters United States of America will arrest you for dealing with fraudulent internet activities if you refuse to follow our full instruction soon.

For your final information, the only payment donation confirm to be real in your name is US$10.5 Million deposit with Sparkasse Holstein Bank Germany corporate headquarters yesterday on your behalf and if you still interested for your fund cliam, be final inform you have only 72 hours to comply with Sparkasse Holstein Bank Germany instruction by settle your total fund transfer Charges US$175.00 only before final transfer full payment to your personal bank account in your country.

After 72hours without you comply full with Sparkasse Holstein Bank Germany Head Office, your payment must cancel back to United States Government account at Federal Reserve System and then you will be arrested for money laundering since you deal with fake fraud internet scam already.

Contact the rightful office of Sparkasse Holstein Bank Germany responsible for your payment files today with bank information listed below to avoid mistakes and also keep this fund notification to yourself until the total funds transfer to your personal bank account to avoid fraudulant activitites again.

Contact Person: Mr. Thomas Piehl

Chief Executive Officer.

Sparkasse Holstein Bank Germany

Address: Sparkasse Holstein Hagenstrasse 19 23843 Bad Oldesloe

Phone: 04531 508-75700

Fax: 04531 508-75701

E-mail: [email protected]

The World Bank Groups in conjunction with new Supreme Court of the United States Attorney General have sign hundred percent guarantee that the Sparkasse Holstein Bank Germany Chief Executive Officer Mr. Thomas Piehl, must transferred your funds to any bank information you may provide to them within 72 hours once you send fund transfer fees US$175.00 only.

So get intouch with Mr. Thomas Piehl yourself today before it too late because you must pay for your fund transaction fees US$175 before Sparkasse Holstein Bank Germany will release fund to your bank account within 72hours bank services and all your fund documentation must delivered to you once you comply with them.

Best Regards

Christopher Wray.

Director General
Federal Bureau of Investigation
United States of America