Pay Pal Norton Refund 888-899-9443

Scam Number: 888-899-9443
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Norton refund $399

Congratulations! Your subscription with Norton Antivirus 360 is now auto renewed as per your selected plan. You can now continue enjoying our services smoothly. If you have not authorized this transaction or want to cancel the subscription, call us immediately -: +1 (888) 899-9443 .


They are Paypal charging you for Norton. Filthy animals.

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Like you’re going to call PP to cancel a subscription with Norton, SMH. Please tell these morons that stupidity is NOT a virtue MJ.

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I have them so pissed. Questioning their lineage and who their daddy is.


They are such foul animals. Subhuman, in my opinion.,

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Oops, cannot get through on any number. They are really upset with me!

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these guys are determaning how i learned to speak their language so well, asking me what color skin i have. fun fun fun

They shut it down as scammerrevolts just took a bunch of stuff from his computer.

Another PayPal number: (808) 807-2586

888-899-9443 Mike Thursday 12-1-22 4:15PM EST

called three times but no one answered

888-899-9443 Still Active Malechode Thursday 12-1-22 4:29PM EST