"Patiently Waiting for response!" 419 SCAM

Email sender: Thomas, C - [email protected]
Email title: Patiently Waiting for response!
“Good day, I had contacted you previously and my message came back undeliverable. Please revert to me for pertinent surname information and why I reached out. Regards, C. Thomas.”

Email Sender: Thomas, Ciko - [email protected]
Email Title: ,Goodenough, thank you.
"Dear Goodenough,

Thank you for your prompt response to my brief email notification. The vague email was to be sure I was in contact with you and nobody else. I am sure you may have been very surprised to receive a message from me unsolicited as a total stranger, I was compelled to contact you due to the special circumstances.

My name is Ciko Thomas, I work for Nedbank, one of the recognized banks in South Africa. I contacted you because you share the same family name with a deceased client of mine at the financial institution I am currently employed.

I obtained your contact email through a people’s finder company that I contracted with. The search was conducted over the internet using your last name, and the top result was how I got your details.

The deceased client Mr. G. S. Goodenough, was a foreign business individual who died intestate, leaving behind some sizable amount of cash in a business domiciliary account. Since the client passed on, almost two years back, there has been no one coming forward to claim the amount deposited in the bank before his passing.

My bank issued me a verbal notice to locate any of his family members, I am contacting you because you share the same surname name with the deceased, and because we have the capacity to orchestrate you as the residual beneficiary to the deceased in order to enable a successful claim of the deposited funds otherwise, the funds could be lost to the system for example, the bank and the government.

We have a foolproof plan towards achieving a success, the only missing link is to find a willing partner who shares the same family name so as to make it possible for a successful claim to be lodged for the deposited funds to be released and to be split between us.

Please contact me if you are interested in discussing further on my proposition.

I hope I could trust you to keep my communication to you confidential, irrespective of your decision!

Best regards,

Ciko Thomas.



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