Oops, they left message as IRS but answered CRA

778-719-0664 – Whoopsi. Not too bright. They called with their robotic message as the IRS but when I called back the guy answered CRA. I said you must have made a mistake because I live in Texas. He asked if I had ever lived in Canada. I said no. Had I ever visited Canada? I said maybe when I was 8. He said I must be a Canadian citizen. I said I was an American Citizen just like he was an Indian Citizen. I don’t let them get a word in. I put on my valley girl voice and said Come on Raj, you can do better than this! Can’t you get a real job? Still living in your mother’s hut in Pradesh? Too dumb to make a living other than scamming people? My cat could get a job faster than you. Then I laughed like crazy and hung up. I must have made him really angry because he called my burner back 4 times.

@JusticeinTexas#26730 I got “Call Rejected”. I’ll try again in a little while as sometimes they go offline after great calls like yours!

@6flagsray#26731 Thanks for the compliment. I was really surprised that he called back so many times. I really must have gotten him upset.

@JusticeinTexas#26734 They are back up as of 11:55 AM EST. Time for some lunch break fun!