Onvoy - The safe haven for phone scammers

For a long time, the scambaiting community and I have been waging war against phone scammers. When we shut down phone systems, we are 90-95% effectively successful. Onvoy/Intelliquent is a Voice-Internet-Protocol business phone carrier that ignores abuse reports in regards to phone scams. According to https://scammerblaster.com/the-root-of-the-scammer-problem-onvoy/, 60% of all scams use Onvoy/Intelliquent as a way to communicate over the phone. There have been several abuse reports to Onvoy about phone scams. Onvoy only cares about how much money it makes, not about you, me, or everyone. Unfortunately, the reports we have sent to Onvoy have been ignored. As of now, only the FTC, FCC, and DOJ 100% effectively can deal with these problems. You can help us get rid of phone scammers by signing this petition. We appreciate your signatures, spreading of awareness, and contributions.

I recently found Scammerblaster.com. Since reading about Onvoy and looking up carriers of scammers who’ve called me, I’ve noticed the same thing. Just today I got a call from 706-686-6769 a phishing scam posing as a home buyer. Carrier Onvoy.

Where’s the petition to sign that you mention? I’m new to the site.

Welcome to the club☺️

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