Only for registered users

We got to do something with the obvious problem we get when scammers don’t really need to search that hard if they were ratted or scambaited.

You don’t have to be registered to read posts that are written in this forum, that makes this site the main “ratted companies billboard”.

They read and learn new methods of scambaiting every day from ppl here and they use it to protect themselves.

if we want to preserve or at least try to preserve our way of ratting n’ scambaiting, we need to add an extra security step.

I think that the only users that should read posts on the forum are registered users, no outsiders.

That way at least we could have SOME privacy, and, every reg user brings his own IP… That way we could track 100% of our readers.

I will never make posts here private for a good reason: We want people to find the numbers via Google so they don’t get scammed!

However I believe there is an extension for hiding content, similar to how LeakForums does it, I may install it some time.


We do need a whole private page for ratted companies.

@Koko#7140 One good solution is to just stop talking about ratting techniques on the forum. Unfortunately we have some users who discuss that 24/7.


It should be a rule.

@Koko#7152 I think it is a rule. The ‘no talking about illegal activities’ one.


Yeah, but the thing is, when you’re 13yr you don’t realy know what’s illegal, maybe this rule should be more detailed.

Scammers learn here and there. This is so obvious that we have to make forums like hackers arise where you have to log in to see your own content. Like an email post. With Carbon copy and so on.

@Koko#7140 What hurts is when other members screwed up a scam bait op with the info they get from one of the threads. :-/

@1337mathster#7213 I agree with ya. Gotta keep it secret.