One Core Technologies - Tech Support Scam

Just off the phone with this Scam company and recorded a video on them.

They used Event Viewer and lied about Stopped Services and Network problems.

Attempted to charge $900 for fake services that I didn't need

Here is their main contact number: 855-495-1005 - they pick up quite quickly
Alternative Number the Scammer gave me: 855-524-5544
They also gave me Network ID: AL12IM759
Their Website:

Ask for Steve he's been swearing and cursing at me - he's quite aggressive.

They use GoToAssist and this number works with FireRTC - I haven't tested with Skype or Google Voice.

Have a good one!

Sadly it didnt work for me on FireRTc ?

doesn’t work on skype☹

second just keeps on ringing my be time difference though because im calling in the morning and im on GMT

they’ve changed their number its now 855 495 1505

when you call the second number 855 524 5544 it goes through and they say they cant help you and refer you to “microsoft” then they give you a number unfortunately the line was bad so i coudnt hear it but if anyone has tried to call them and got the number i’d appreciate it if you would tell me ?))