Olivia Lawton from the UK

Romance/business scam.

Email sender: [email protected]
Email title:

Hi dear friend, How are you doing? My name is Olivia. I am a single girl, never been married. I would like to be your good friend and I am interested in knowing you, Write back to me so that I will give you a full explanation of myself. and my picture, also i have something to tell you about me. Am waiting for your quick reply.

Thanks from me,
Olivia :rose:

and her next message:

Hello friend,

My name is Olivia Lawton originating from Australia, but currently based in the United Kingdom.

I am interested to know you more and I would like to tell you something very important which I consider to be the main reason I contacted you.

My Dad, Late Mr. Christopher Lawton, willed me a large portion of his real estate and income properties valued at Twenty - Million - Six - Hundred - Thousand - United States Dollars. I have yet to place a claim on it but right now things are not good and I’d like to have it.

The bank manager informed me that my Dad’s stipulation was that I will be either 35 years of age or employ a partner that will assist me to receive the funds on my behalf.

I’d like to offer you the opportunity to stand in as my partner and will share it for your assistance since I am not up to 35 years. I will give you 35% of the total fund okay. I wait for your immediate reply if you could help me to get these funds out from the bank okay.

I will send you my pictures on my next email to you okay

Waiting your reply.
Olivia Lawton

and next one:

Hello Friend,

I am very happy to receive your reply and your willingness to assist me.

My late father was a businessman, he was one of the victim of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370/MAS370) which crashed in the south of the Indian Ocean on March 8, 2014 from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Beijing Capital International Airport killed all on board including my late mother Mrs Lawton Catherine.

They are number 64/65 on the list; see the link below manifest of the flight:


I am the only surviving child and the next of kin to my late father’s inheritance. However I have approached the bank and informed the management about my plans in having you as my representative and my investment manager in order to earn the will testament and estate given to me.

The arrangement is that you will present yourself as my representative and investment manager to the bank, for the money to be transferred in your account or by cheque. However, my father’s Account Manager will arrange everything for us and the plan is for you to assist me for the release of the money because he has explained everything to me okay. The Account Manager has sent me the application form for claiming a late customer account in their bank ok. He explained everything to me ok.

I will forward to you the application form I received from the Account Manager working in the bank there in Malaysia ok. please be sincere with me so that i will forward you the application form ok.

If you do not mind the below details is required to begin the necessary step towards our plan;


With the above request in place, I will again proceed to the Account Manager and demand to know the necessary steps to be taken legally.

I sincerely appreciate your concern towards me.