Ok how do I send a virus with a phone call?

How do I send a virus with a phone call. working on a virus rn and i ned to know how.

@Smartdude4000#7778 Not possible. Phone calls aren’t capable of transferring data. They’re only electrical impulses.

Also what would you be transferring sed data to, a tracfone?

@Smartdude4000#7778 There’s no way to do that from a phone line unfortunately. What you can do is to have the scammer connect to a virtual machine,provide them with the virus file and attempt to social engineer them. For example claim that the file is needed to verify the payment from your bank.

Unfortunately you need to either find a 0-day in their remote access software, or trick them into copying it from your computer and running it.



You do know every scammer there is knows about this site, and what youre doing here is just telling them your methods?

Don’t talk about ratting here please.

That’s why @Koko#7830 doesn’t share his ways. Also he doesn’t want others stealing his ways. @memes#7808 @iChutya#7804