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DATE: Tuesday 15TH Feb 2022. We the International Monetary Fund (IMF),Investigation Bureau Department in conjunction with FBI and Homeland Securities and other relevant Investigation agencies, we hereby to inform you that we recently received several reports through our Global intelligence monitoring networks that you had a transaction in Europe, Africa and Asia which wasn’t accomplished after a series of processes and requires further procedures. Consequently we finally traced the location of your overdue compensation funds and ordered the dispatch or transmitting of the funds to a safe custody, UNITED ALLIANCE CREDIT UNION BANK ONLINE(UACU), hence the mentioned Online Bank institute will be facilitating the transferring of the funds to you as soon as possible Via Online Banking, this decision was made due to the rate of corruption and scam reports perpetrated by Individuals and Government offices, companies in UK,Europe,Asia,Africa therefore your funds were ordered to be moved or transferred to the safe Bank immediately for safety. The transmission of the funds to UNITED ALLIANCE CREDIT UNION ONLINE(UACU) was successfully executed today and we just received a confirmation from the UNITED ALLIANCE CREDIT UNION(UACU) that the funds valued the sum of Two Million Nine Hundred Thousand United State Dollars($2.9M) was received by the Bank management, therefore we are officially contacting you in this regard by letting you know that your funds are presently at UNITED ALLIANCE CREDIT UNION(UACU). Your fund was securely entrusted to UNITED ALLIANCE CREDIT UNION BANK(UACU) 293 Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA today under the special supervision of Mr. Oxlade T. Gomez an experienced UACU official who is to be conducting your payment henceforth Via Online Banking. Therefore you are advised to contact the Bank representative with the information outlined below; UNITED ALLIANCE CREDIT UNION(UACU) Contact Person: Mr. Oxlade T. Gomez E-mail: [email protected] Furthermore identification code (K360BKJ) was issued by (UACU) management which you are required to indicate by using it as the subject of your email for verification or easy identification and the following information are also required; Your personal profile: Profession--------- Full Names----------- Age-------------------- Home/Office address---------- Current Phone number#----------- Kindly reach out to the United Alliance Credit Union Bank Online representative stated above to begin the process and access your payment. It is of utmost importance that you keep close to all instructions to follow and to do so without delay. Warmest regards Kristalina Georgieva Managing Director IMF.