"Offical Microsoft" Support

So i have a number that come up from an adfly link: 888-309-5977

Lemme know if anyone calls this, if there's a video to go along with it, i'd love to watch it XD

I’d recommend adding the “Phone Number” tag for more views. Thunder or Reaper also might yell at you :wink:


Don’t worry I won’t yell at u for not adding the phone number tag. I check every post regardless.

@Jnteamed#5970 LOL thanks


Hi, thank you for calling tech suppowed, my nem is jon, how mey I helb u?

They say they are “customer support” and not tech support

called, all I get is a lady saying “This is Rachel” sounds very American

used a woman indan voice for the there is not agent here goodbye shit lol

What type of scam do they even do?