NYC Job Scammers

Scam Number: 929-353-9390, (347) 801-1879, (718)-576-4978, (646)-703-5899

Scammer’s Website or Email: (deactivated after I contacted wix about the scam), [email protected]

Additional information about this scam: This is a job placement scam in NYC.

They lure victims in through Indeed, Jobget, ZipRecruiter, and CareerBuilder, and make them pay $150 for a license and $450 for “immediate job placement”, which is just a referral to a recruiting agency.

This is against the FTC. Plus, the scammers literally tell victims they’ll be working next week or sometime as soon, but they’ll only be interviewed and signing documents instead.

The licensing is legitimate, which the scammers use as proof they’re legit. The scam is the extra $450 per person that goes into the scammer’s pocket. There are some positions that cost $3000 as well, meaning the scammers make an even bigger profit.

Victims would basically need to wait for a phone call about an opening, which can take months, and they could always just be ghosted. The scammers make a minimum of $5000 a day taking money from people who want to work as soon as possible, on top of getting paid by the recruiting agency for each referral.

Some of the scammers use their personal number to scam, and their alternate number is just another phone line.

The scammers hired me to work for them, to do data entry, email marketing, graphic design, and that sort of thing, but withheld most of the payment when I wasn’t assigned to cold call new victims. Eventually I was only cold calling for the whole shift, and still never got paid the full amount. In total, the boss Christopher Lionel Williams skimped out on paying me $2000 which left me in debt. The debt has been eating at my mental health for so long. Y’all, eradicate these people before they ruin more lives.

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Thanks for bringing up this, but it would need a bit more of research. These scams are quite sophisticated…