Numbers shut down due to scams

This is a thread where people can show screenshots of emails telecom companies have sent to confirm that the number involved in a scam has been terminated.

SSA Scam number shut down by RingCentral

Tech Support Scam number shut down by Telnyx

I encourage all of you to continue reporting scam numbers. This is effective and will outsmart the scammers. I did this because I think it saves more people from getting ripped off.

I appreciate you guys sharing your testimony of a successful shut-down of a scammer number. This shows that we are winners.


Is that name in the first pic ur real name?

Oh no I forgot to censor that. I’m so sorry

Edit: Picture has been cropped to protect my info

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Which website do you use to check carriers?

I use Scammerblaster’s carrier lookup
Click here>>You are being redirected...

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Fare O Buddy = screwed :smirk:
Two numbers down!

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I am surprised that you actually got a response from Ring Central. They never respond to me. Ever. The same goes for Onvoy and now Sinch. I got some responses from both of these entities early on, but nothing now. Even early responses that I received were quite demeaning and rude. They did everything possible to brush me off and tell me to stop bothering them.

I would say that I had very positive and pleasant responses from Twilio and Century Link (Lumen Technologies). Same with Verizon. They’re diligent in addressing scams, abuse and spam on their networks.


I also got two from Bandwidth saying they shut down fraudulent numbers, including Telnyx. I think you should do it to RingCentral more often. Explaining the scam will better help the situation, not just by claiming that there is a scam in their network.

Here’s proof of my point:

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Yes, I did receive responses from Bandwith in the past myself. In fact, it was from the same fellow named Christopher. With Ring Central and Onvoy, I have been sending VERY detailed info, including phone # of scammers, time of calls, my info and everything else pertaining to the matter. I don’t just send generic emails; I explain every type of scam occurring in details. End result with Onvoy and Ring Central? Nothing! YMMV.

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Same here

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Just out of curiosity, do you use email spoofing whenever you report a scam number?

Nope, all emails I send to them are from my real email with a real name.

Did you end the email with your real name (e.g. Yours Truly, Johnny Appleseed)?

Sorry I meant to put a question mark not a period

Of course. This is the only type of submission that they’d consider. They don’t deal with fakes complaints etc.

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Here is a way to report fraudulent Bandwidth numbers

Bandwidth account holding this number has been cancelled