[Number Removed] Fucked my PC

I was on a VM though… ?

What do you mean they fucked your PC?

They deleted all my files and locked it…

@ronwayde#4544 How did they do it? Can you recall?

hahaha i was with a lady on the line 2hour and 20 minutes i think this is a new record for me, she really want to let me believe that she was from microsoft even when i told her she was a scammer she wanna show me some microsoft sites to show me she was not lying and really worked for microsoft she even try to buy me something from the microsoft store and she gived me a case number so i can call the real microsoft, i even flirted with her at the end and she gave me some hints to look her up on fb hahaha

@thelonewolf#4574 lmao ??

@MatasM82#4578 hahaha yeah it was realy funny, i recorded it all but i dont know if i can post a link of that cause the rules say you may not promote your youtube channel

@thelonewolf#4579 Send it to me on skype, I’d like to see it : reaper_259

@thelonewolf#4579 can you sent it to me also my skype is janus syyyy

[“1-800-426-9400 Fucked my PC…”,"[Number Removed] Fucked my PC…"]

@ronwayde#4538 Why lie? @thelonewolf#4574 That is the legitimate Microsoft help desk, they would not have done anything to damage your device.

@R34P3R#4588 i didnt know that, like i told you on skype cause i got the number from here and i didnt make this forum, so for the one who posted this number thanks for waisting my time and wasting this poor girl her time

User is posting from New Delhi, India. Lol.

@thelonewolf#4589 scammer detected?

@thunder#4591 Wow, Never knew the scammers are using our websites to try to stop us.

I only accept cold calls. Like scammers find numbers to call in by dialing random numbers.

So i don’t need a reason to call them. They called me and there goes my windows 7.

Scammers, start any numbers with 1-800. a pro will help you with "press the 4 flags key on the keyboard"
Otherwise u will bump into me and you will see for your self.