Number has been active for a while

The number is 1 (844) 213 0004. ‘Jason’ is the only guy that’s picked up for me. I went on about how my windows 98 has a virus and he uttered some very profane words and hung up.

@Debwy#11998 He have hang up on me too lol .

aww. no one answered me :frowning:

@frudie#12000 Me too.

@frudie#12000 they did for me a few minutes ago but promptly hung up, imma try again

@Debwy#12002 it seems as though they’ve closed or something. I’ll try again in the morning.



Well, rip :(

Number still works, but what type of number is this. I’m finding it hard to start a call without a website or leads as to what kind of tech scam this is lol

Keeps ringing, no answer

They transferred me to some random dude wanting pot LOL. First time I’ve seen that happen

@NotYourAverageTechy#12050 I actually don’t know where I found this number myself it was on my phone so I probably found it somewhere on this site. I’m actually going to call and ask for their website if they have one.

@NotYourAverageTechy#12050 he recognized my voice and when I told him that my friend wants the website he said “kill your friend, kill your friend, shoot him” and hung up. Maybe you’ll have better luck? I’ll try calling with a British accent later.


@Debwy#11998 as it turns out this is a pop-up apparently so I’ve added the pop-up tag. The pop-up says “we’ve found harmful viruses on your computer, call this number to remove them” or something like that.

I can’t use this number anymore. Shut down?

Brah I called and say I had apparently a virus so this guy told me to turn off and back on my computer and it will be clean… hahaha level 9 = right there!!

I just called them and they asked for a customer ID. I told them I have been facing a few issues with my Computer and a friend recommended me your number. They hung up :frowning:

@Dunameitor#12110 lol