Norton Weefund

Scammer’s Number: (828) 388-7163
Extra Info: credit to joepie91


Active 2021-06-24 T 15:03 EST

AnyDesk / TeamViewer Connection to Computer

Hoarding … Rings in dial doesn’t know area code

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That happened to my Phone; I tried multiple times and it works.

I am currently on a call with them.

@Draco the 828 area code is for North Carolina

Accepted the call but no one is talking.

They are also using

What is nerve racking is that the software is completely hidden from the user. I was shocked when I noticed he can see my screen / move my mouse and I did not even know he was connected to the VM.

They seem unskilled.

Guy is not responding. I asked how his day is and he does not even reply.

Add Number: (734) 275-0820