Norton Scammers 844 203-5749

Scam Number: 844 203-5749

Additional information about this scam: Potty mouth scammers


Kolkata IP


VERY LOUD in the background … I can barely hear guy on phone with me

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That’s how they are with me too. Very vile, vulgar and they keep calling me the N word, “black African N*****” and other racial slurs. Peter just threatened to slit my throat, rape my daughter and have the whole call-center gang rape my wife.
Other than that, they seem like nice people.


This is one of those numbers which has been around for a very long time my friend
It’s been used for several different scripts by these dopey fucks over many months
Just another of the many thousands of toll free numbers these pricks use daily
Nestled in amongst a lot of Firestone auto care service centre numbers and every internet and TV provider within this range. (all genuine ones)

I still jokingly maintain there are more US numbers used for fraud than are used by Mr and Mrs Joe Average for their homes and their businesses
Only it’s not a joke and not that far fetched when you have the receipts to back up the statement.
It’s also getting worse by the day

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