Norton Refund Scam 810-643-1114

Way to go, @Boop! :+1:


Lol i called the number and i asked if this is Norton and he creeped out i was like hi is this norton support he is like how did u get this number and then he gave me this number to call 419-665-8393

Lol i scared them so bad the 419 number is no longer in service.

(706) 813-9582 active. ring to vm

Yes. I’ve made up numbers several times and they always find my file. LOL


(706) 813-9582 Still Active. Friday 9-9-22 7:20PM EST

(877) 317-1662

These Facebook scammers are live on this number and scamming by Google Play cards.

I JUST GOT THE EXACT SAME EMAIL WORD FOR WORD. This is my first time on this website. I became a member just to respond to you. It is definitely a scam. This website is great and im glad i found it!

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