Norton/PayPal/FTC/SSA - (877) 592-1063

Suspected Telcoline number, email from [email protected]

  • The scammer, “Daniel Wade,” answered as PayPal and falsely claimed the purchase was made from North Carolina. As my case was that of “identity theft,” I was asked to hang up and receive a call from a coworker who posed as an agent with my nonexistent bank.
  • I called the toll-free number back and “Jack” answered as “Norton” and had me “deactivate the services” by “opening the Google Chrome” and download AnyDesk (ID: , Password: norton9570) As they were performing routine maintenance, I was then asked to install Alpemix, but my AnyDesk was ready to use.
  • “Jack” never remotely connected to my virtual machine.

Cancellation Number: 3731203931712

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877-592-1063 Wednesday 4-3-24 1:06PM EST