Norton or Geek Squad support refund 808-272-8231

8082728231 Norton or Geek Squad support refund

Another Onvoy customer

This entire block is Onvoy
These thieving bastards swarm to this entire area code in several Onvoy blocks, like flies to dog shit

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Yeah, I figured as much. Was just killing some time looking up carrier info. :slight_smile:

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one ring and cut

tried again and works, they support kaspersky support too and they are affiliated to all major antivirus support LOLZ

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I always spend and hour or so on the sunny shores of Honolulu every morning, before charging head first into the toll free prefixes and the land of many imbecile, life of fantasy fraud artists
It seems hundreds upon hundreds of entry level lowlife startup up scammers flock to this area.
I often tie several toll free inbounds to the occasional call centre here as well
Yesterday there was a medium sized PayPal call centre in the 888 prefix which had an 808 area code inbound as well.

Called them 25 times, different people pick up. I had to call Anonymous, as they have my number blocked.

Call them guys and give them hell…