Norton lifelock email $499.99 AUSTRALIAN TARGET

Scam Number: +61 8 81218446
Domain Used:
Extra Info: Sent from [email protected]
$499.99 AUD
Your subscription with norton life-lock will renew today and $499.99AUD is about to debit from your account by today. The debited amount will be reflected within the next 24 hours on your a/c statement. If you feel this is an unauthorized transaction or you want to cancel the subscription, please contact our billing department as soon as possible.
Billed to:
Customer ID: 3101760967
Invoice number Norton 1152438536
Renewal date: 6 May 2022

Image of scam message at (just uploaded it myself)

NOTE: These guys want a mobile number. They are cautious and ring you back within 2 minutes of the start of the call to verify you are a real caller. They sometimes get upset and play hindi music at you.
This email is pretty new and saw it when I woke up this morning (few hours ago). Enjoy.

Rang them up, numbers still active. They use AnyDesk. Had a small conversation with them and they claim to make “a lot of money” but sounded pretty small.

I’m ringing them right now; doesn’t seem to be working…