Norton life lock scam

Scam Number: 818 446-2490
Domain Used:
Extra Info: gave me this # 1800 100-7601

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7601 - No answer, doesn’t seem to have vm.

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2490 - No answer, standard vm (NOT textnow - i mean literally normal vm.)

He will call back

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Keep calling

Which number should I keep calling? Or both simultaneously lol? @Draco

818 446-2490

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On it.

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Leave messages hella :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Damn ain’t answering changed my #

Still active but doesn’t answer
Can leave real sweet messages tho.

Seems they have not been disturbed enough and are still at it, just received this overnight.
Payment Receipt [email protected]

The unsubscribe link is: (this is followed by the unique identifier of the email, which I didn’t include)

Says “Unavailable”

Same scammers possibly…

Subject: Debit Notice

Thank you for your Security-renewal purchase.
Your Account/Card has been Debited for $299.00 (charges may appear later)

Order Details
To find more information on your order and to manage your subscription please call us.
Order Number - NA357420
Customer Id Number - 263911
3 years protection Supports - Microsoft ® Windows ® , Mac OS ®
Payment Mode: Direct Debit
Amount Debit: $299.00 - Norton 360 LifeLock
Renewal Partners - Webroot ®

Your Basic Security was included with your Internet Service has Expired.
Subscription may have been purchased through third party offering.
if you have multiple subscriptions you can manage it by calling us.

You are eligible to cancel your subscription for a Refund
by Calling our Billing Support at +1(818) 570-5973
If we Missed your call please leave a message with your name or your order number.
Our Support team will call you back with instructions to cancel your service.

Note: This is a system-generated email so replying to this email will not cancel your subscription.
For Cancellation or Refund Please call us at +1(818) 570-5973

Customer Service and Support
Lifelock360 Inc |
350 Ellis St | California |
© 2022 All Rights reserved

To Stop Receiving our emails please Unsubscribe

Hovering over the unsubscribe link at the bottom showed it was a link to

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